Introduction to Contextual Safeguarding

This course is offered on a multi-agency basis aimed at Social Work staff, Education colleagues, Housing, Health, CLD, Police and VANL who work directly with children and their families.

Contextual Safeguarding Online Training
NLC employees – The CS course is on learnNL. You can access it here or from the learnNL, or from the learnNL homepage click “Find Learning” and enter “Contextual Safeguarding” in the search box and click the spyglass.

Staff out with NLC or who do not have access to learnNL can access the course from the following link:

The aim of the Introduction to Contextual Safeguarding Course is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to child protection situations which may arise in the normal course of your working day.
By the end of the course participants will have:
•Support to think about extra familial harm (harm out side of the home)
•Considered the places and spaces where young people spend time out with the home
•To raise awareness of how children and young people can be exploited in their communities and online
•Explore the impact of the abuse on the child’s physical, mental and sexual health.
•Examine ways in which practitioners can respond to protect and support children and young people affected by exploitation.
•Explain the key terminology and think about language associated with exploitation and abuse
•Identify and describe the key vulnerability factors, risk indicators and spectrum of experiences
•Develop strategies to increase confidence in direct work with children and young people who have experienced trauma
•Recognise the importance of information sharing and multi-agency partnership in responding to children and young people

To reserve a place on this training please contact: Joyce Morgan of VANL:

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