North Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership

North Lanarkshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership was established in 2019.  We are a strategic, multi-agency partnership made up of key agencies and stakeholders including local services, people with lived and living experience of substance use and family members, all working together to tackle alcohol and drug related harms and improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, families and individuals affected by alcohol or drugs.

The work of the partnership is centred around improving quality, offering choice and creating more connections to keep people safe, well and thriving.

Our ADP Support Team

Our ADP support team includes the following staff:

  • Strategic Lead – John Holleran
  • 3 Development Officers
  • Information Research Officer
  • Drug Death Information Officer
  • Administrator
  • Higher Clerical Officer
  • Peer Worker

As a support team we work with many partners across North Lanarkshire and we are represented and involved in many local groups and forums.

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Much of our work involves bringing people together to plan and improve services whilst setting out what needs to be put in place to support change and keep people safe and well. As a support team we ensure that Scottish Government funds are allocated appropriately, and that funded services are meeting local needs and outcomes. We do this by commissioning services, and monitoring with performance management to review and evaluate the impact of our services.

We currently commission various services across North Lanarkshire, and these are listed below.  Funding could involve a post within the service or an entire service.  More information on each of services can be found in service directory within the Access Support tab.

* NHS Lanarkshire Addiction Psychology Service

* Barnardos Axis Service

* North Lanarkshire Council Contextual Safeguarding Approach

* DTTO Justice Throughcare

* North Lanarkshire Council Equal Say Advocacy

* North Lanarkshire Council Equals Advocacy

* NHS Lanarkshire Gender Based Violence Service

* Scottish Action for Mental Health – Individual Placement Support

* North Lanarkshire Council Kickstart Programme

* North Lanarkshire Council Children & Young People in Conflict with the Law

* North Lanarkshire Council and Barnardo’s – Creative Faces Programme

* North Lanarkshire Council and Barnardo’s – Family Plus Service

* North Lanarkshire Council and Barnardo’s – Positive Destinations Programme

* North Lanarkshire Recovery Communities

* Phoenix Futures

* Phoenix Families

* Scottish Drugs Forum Addiction Worker Training Program

* Turning Point Scotland Crisis Outreach Service

* Navigators

* North Lanarkshire Council Youth Bridges

* NHS Lanarkshire Harm Reduction Service

* Substance Misuse Liaison nurse

* Barnardos and Phoenix Futures – Family Connections Service

* Landed

* Phoenix and NL Recovery Communities Arrest Referral

* Alcohol and Drug Solutions Courts

If you have any queries about our services please contact the ADP support team via or 01698 753651

Strategic Plan

Our team works alongside local services to deliver on local and national priorities, implementing evidence based practice.  We work closely with our partners to do this, gathering evidence around the the impact of problematic substance use and targeting the right supports where possible.  Our three year strategic plan can be accessed below.

NLADP Strategy

Our strategic plan has 15 key priorities and actions.

National Outcomes Prevention and Early Intervention Developing Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Getting it Right for Children, Young People and Families Public Health Approach & Justice An Alcohol Framework for North Lanarkshire
Priority Area Fewer people develop problem alcohol & drug use. People access and benefit from effective, integrated person-centred support to achieve their recovery. Children and families affected by alcohol and drug use will be safe, healthy, included and supported. Vulnerable people are diverted from the justice system wherever possible, and those in the system are fully supported. A Scotland where less harm is caused by alcohol.
Sub-group Prevention, Early Intervention, & Education Treatment, Care & Recovery Development Whole Family Approach /Family Inclusive Practice Justice, Health and Care public health to improve links to community Reducing alcohol harm and improving treatment pathways
Cross-cutting objectives Embedding a Whole Systems Approach via Workforce development, collaboration & learning Partnership Work & Collaboration Lived experience, co- production & active participation. Ongoing evaluation, quality assurance and performance monitoring Communication, transparency & good governance are key Focus on the right to health, choice, fairness & equitable opportunities free from stigma

More information can be found in the NLADP Strategy document.

Supporting Structures

Our ADP Board and Finance Group provide governance for the ADP, ensuring that we deliver on agreed objectives and outcomes.  Our subgroups involve a range of partners, all working together to prevent alcohol and drug related harms, improve access to treatment and care, involving families and communities.

If you would like more information about the ADP or would like to get involved in our partnership contact

Our Partners

We work with many different partners across North Lanarkshire including NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council, Police Scotland, Housing, Social Work, Justice, Education, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Scottish Ambulance Service, Scottish Prison Service, local communities, people with lived/living experience and families.

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