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Blue Triangle’s Breakthrough Service

May 21, 2024 | News

Breakthrough, an Intense Peer Recovery Support outreach service run by Blue Triangle in North Lanarkshire, has received a further 3 years worth of funding from the Corra Foundation. The Breakthrough service provides individual support aiding recovery journeys and helping individuals sustain their tenancy. The Breakthrough team works in partnership with the North Lanarkshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership, and they have supported seventy people since the service started.

By providing safe and psychologically informed environments, the social care organisation works with people at various stages of their support journey, offering the time and space to reset at a critical point in their lives. Blue Triangle staff are trauma-informed, available 24/7 and champion our supported people’s rights, helping them overcome barriers whenever they can.

Gary Meek, CEO of Blue Triangle, said: “We are delighted at this extension to Breakthrough’s funding and we are grateful to Corra Foundation for making this life-saving work possible. 11% of those entering our services last year were impacted by drug and alcohol use, proving the need for this essential outreach work. The Breakthrough team do fantastic work in the community and have established important relationships with our partners in North Lanarkshire.”

Carolyn Sawers, CEO of Corra Foundation said: “Corra’s vision is for a society where people can create positive change and enjoy fulfilling lives. With £3.6m going to fourteen organisations through the National Drugs Mission Fund, we will see real impact for communities across Scotland. We are pleased to support Breakthrough, Blue Triangle’s Intense Peer Recover Support service which provides vital, person-centered support to people recovering from addiction in North Lanarkshire.”

The Breakthrough team said: “We are thrilled to be able to announce this extension and would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout. We would both like to express our gratitude to one another and our colleagues at Blue Triangle. Thank you to Corra Foundation for making this work possible. Thank you to all our colleagues in the NLADP and other partner agencies throughout North Lanarkshire and beyond – without their contributions and mutual support to work towards a common goal, this work would not be possible. And a special thank you to all the people we have supported, without all your hard work and dedication we would not have been able to hear such positive feedback. We are proud of you all! We are now looking forward to developing our service further, with the continued aim of reducing harms and improving lives.”

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